Lab verified. Race proven.

Samples are tested for durability, crash worthiness and stiffness before being test ridden for ride quality. Every frame undergoes a second 7-point inspection in Vancouver.

Rigorously tested.

We selected two frames at random and submitted them to SGS for testing according to EN 14781 standards. EN 14781 is the toughest standard for road bicycles, and comprises a total of four test clauses for bicycle frames: two impact tests and two fatigue tests involving 100,000 test cycles.

Whereas manufacturers commonly choose to perform each test clause on a different sample, we've elected to have an impact test performed following fatigue testing for each frame. We've also opted to test using a rigid dummy fork so all test forces are transferred to the frame, rather than being partially absorbed by a compliant actual fork.

You can also download the Scout EN14781 Test Report (PDF).

Relentlessly Ridden.

Thanks to help from folks over at Mighty Riders, we were able to have our frame raced in local Elite Women's races for over a year. Built up with Campy Record, it's been ridden to numerous podium finishes, including first place at the 2010 Tour de Delta road race.

Carefully inspected.

Even though frames must first pass the manufacturer's quality controls before leaving the factory, we nonetheless double check them once they arrive in Vancouver. We properly prep the bottom bracket and headset cups, then inspect for proper alignment, fit, and finish.

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