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Scout Frameset

1 Reviews
5.00 out of 5

From: $1,000 $825

P274-2 BB-OS6000

Scout Frameset

1 Reviews
5.00 out of 5

From: $1,000 $825

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Product Description

In the box:

  • nud Scout carbon frame
  • nud Scout full carbon fork
  • Cane Creek 40 Series carbon fiber headset (short stack, $85 MSRP)
  • FSA upgraded stainless steel BB30 bearings ($55 MSRP)
  • Pre-installed BB and crown race
  • Tacx carbon fiber assembly compound

Here’s what riders have to say:

I have also had the opportunity to ride the bike several times and I am EXTREMELY impressed by the bike.  It rides as advertised, nice and stiff, super responsive and rock solid stability.  In a word…. sublime!

What really impressed me most was the stability of the bike on descents.  I have been maxing out around 47-48 miles per hour on some of the local descents on my other two bikes and not feeling as comfortable as I would like at that speed.  My first ride on my Nud and I hit 51 mph on a descent and I would have been comfortable at an even higher speed due to stable handling of the bike.  Nice job!

Also, the full bike with pedals, Garmin, K-Edge Computer holder rounded out the scales at 16 pounds.  I am not a weight conscious rider by any means, but I am really impressed with the weight of the bike.I can’t say enough good things about Nud and my interactions with you.  My friends have all been very impressed by the bike and astounded by the value.

I LOVE the bike.  I have been riding it and my Merlin Extralight and it is my favorite bike.  I compare the two as a the Merliin being a Mercedes Sedan and the the Nud as being a Porsche Carrera.  It is the best bike I have ever owned bar none and I cannot imagine any other bike being better handling, stiffer and more of a joy to ride.

David C

David C

Larkspur, CA
My boyfriend just got one of your limited orange edition bikes and LOVES it. His birthday is coming up, and I was wondering if you guys have a jersey/kit, by any chance…I know that if he had a jersey from nud, he’d wear it all the time. Just thought I’d ask. Thanks!


Portland, Oregon


Raced and proven on the local Criterium scene and racer approved. The bike is nimble around corners but super stiff during acceleration. Once you get fitted the bike feels like an extension of your body. Though stiff still forgiving enough to ride on long 60 milers with a fast paced group. It is currently my bike of choice for all Criterium racing.
Joseph L

Joseph L

Austin, Texas
Thanks so much for all your help.  The bike is working great.  It’s all assembled, and I’m currently going fine tuning the the positioning of the saddle and handlebars… Total weight came out to almost exactly 16 lbs.

I can definitely feel the weight difference going up hills (admittedly rare in Manitoba).  I’m also definitely noticing that it’s a smoother ride than my other aluminum frame bike.  It feels awesome.



Winnipeg, Manitoba

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46, 48, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, 61


Nude, Blue

1 review for Scout Frameset

  1. 5 out of 5


    I’d like to first thank Ryan from NUD for sponsoring the Western Washington University Cycling team and giving us a killer discount on these frames. We bought six of them and they all arrived within 2 weeks of the order date.

    Here are my thoughts:
    Compared to my old bike (Cannondale CAAD10) the Scout’s stiffness stood out the most. Sprinting up hills and for town signs is a lot more responsive and takes a lot less effort. It doesn’t beat you up on longer rides though; rutted out roads, cracks in pavements, pot holes, etc. just seemed to disappear under this frame. The best aspect, that I personally like, is descending on this bike. My CAAD10 was a blast to descend on, but this new bike feels a lot more stable and is faster on the same descents.

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