Crash Replacement for carbon frames

Ride Hard.

5 Year Express Exchange Crash Replacement Policy

We provide five year crash replacement to the original purchaser of every nud carbon frame, allowing the owner to replace a crashed frame at a steep discount. Defects are covered under our warranty. Should you require a replacement frame as the result of a crash, you have the option to take advantage of Express Exchange. Here's how it works:

  1. Contact us with a description and photos of the damage.

  2. Once we've verified your warranty issue, we will need your credit card number to place an authorization (not a charge) for the full MSRP of the replacement as well as costs for two way shipping.

  3. We will ship out a replacement the next business day.

  4. Once you receive the replacement, ship back the damaged unit with the provided box and prepaid label

  5. Assemble and start riding your new frame

  6. Once we receive and verify the damaged frame, we will place a charge on your credit card for 40% off the current MSRP plus one way shipping.
    Should we find that the damage was in fact a defect covered under warranty, we will release the authorization and you will incur no charges. If the damaged frame is not returned, or does not qualify for warranty or crash replacement, you will be charged the full cost of the replacement as well as shipping.

If you do not wish to use Express Exchange, you will need to mail the damaged frame to us at your cost. Upon receipt and verification of the damaged frame, we will then invoice you for 40% off the current MSRP plus shipping. The replacement frame will be sent out next business day once we receive your payment.

Express Exchange is available for U.S. and Canadian addresses only.