Taipei Cycle Show in Pictures Part 1 – Carbon Frames

by ryan on March 20, 2013

The Taipei Cycle Show spans 5 floors and two locations – the two largest floors are the first and the 4th floor at the Nangang Exhibitional Hall. The first (pictured above) is devoted to bicycle parts, and the 4th is for complete bikes and overseas exhibitors. There was a common theme on both floors: carbon frames…they’re EVERYWHERE.

Hope the pictures give an idea of how saturated the supply side is for carbon frames. There are many, many more booths I didn’t bother to stop by to snap a photo of – after seeing so many carbon frames they just start to all blend together…

From what I can find out, only a few of the manufacturers seen here are OEMs for big brands. ADK is behind Felt, Fuji, Cannondale, Kestrel and Litespeed, Carbotech makes some Norco and Jamis, and Ideal manufactures BMC, Fuji, Norco, Ridley. Not an exhaustive list, obviously. Several top tier manufacturers are absent, like Martec (Kuota, Orbea), and Ten Tech (Cervelo, Scott). Giant (Colnago, Scott)  and Merida (Specialized) are here in their capacity as brands, but they also act as OEMs.

Near the bottom of the page are photos of the 5th floor “Chinatown”, featuring a small collection of Chinese manufacturers that have made their way over to exhibit at the show. I expect the bulk of Chinese manufacturers to be instead at China Cycle 2013 in Shanghai.


I, for one, welcome our new carbon…

_MG_8190 _MG_8189 _MG_8193 _MG_8204 _MG_8201 _MG_8210

_MG_8238_MG_8216 _MG_8218 _MG_8222 _MG_8221 _MG_8226 _MG_8229 _MG_8258 _MG_8256 _MG_8262 _MG_8266 _MG_8269 _MG_8272 _MG_8322 _MG_8321 _MG_8343

5th floor “Cross-Strait Bicycle Show”

_MG_8349 _MG_8348 _MG_8352 _MG_8350


At the separate, deserted second floor of the Taipei World Trade Center for new exhibitors:

_MG_8441 _MG_8434

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    [...] If you’re interested in the new stuff Taipei is the place to be now. The huge fair with enormous amount of brands showing their stuff and many OEMbrands in Taipei. More pictures and text here: Nudbikes [...]

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