Taipei Cycle Show Part 2: The Weird, the Interesting and the Tacky

by ryan on March 24, 2013


The Taipei Cycle Show has a bit of an identity crisis. With the emergence of Taichung Bike Week¬†for original equipment manufacturers, the Taipei show is losing it’s position as THE trade show for bike brands and distributors. Interbike and Eurobike have always been more consumer oriented, so the Taipei show is now kind of stuck in the middle – focused on neither the consumer nor the manufacturers and without anything really exciting or groundbreaking. Nonetheless, it’s still an awesome one stop shop (and I believe the biggest cycling trade show in the world), and a great place to gawk at the latest and lightest at one booth, then walk past the next booth featuring products and concepts that will probably never make it to market.


Switching from electronic to mechanical shifting is just a Dremel away.


Unlicensed Porsche bike…



Licensed but uninspired Ferrari and Lambo bikes…


The bastard child of Cervelo and Cannondale?

So it’s kinda like Cervelo, but also kinda like Cannondale.

Maybe this is where we got our name...

Maybe this is where we got our name…



Empty booth aside from animal mascots. Wasn’t sure what they were supposed to be selling.


Steerer suspension. Would match a suspension seatpost on a hybrid.


Manufacturer for Volagi?


Giant fit bike.


“Cost effective” as in “cheaper than Gates.”


Fillet lugged?


First time trying out Microshift – felt a bit worse than Sora.

_MG_8412 _MG_8409 _MG_8372 _MG_8370 _MG_8369 _MG_8366 _MG_8364 _MG_8188 _MG_8257 _MG_8300 _MG_8316 _MG_8338

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