Painted in Canada.

by ryan on May 20, 2013


After being stuck for a week at customs for inspection, the frames have finally been delivered to our workshop. But we have even better news for you:

We prefer to have things done locally when it makes sense. Final prep and inspections is one example, and today, I’m proud to announce that painting is another.

That’s right – nud carbon frames will be painted in Canada.

(Unless it’s nude, obviously.)

Although it costs us more – way more – the price of the frameset remains unchanged. We’re happy to see the money stay with a local small business rather than flow overseas. But that’s not why the frames will be painted locally – we’re doing it because it allows us to further improve the quality of our product.

Painting the bikes locally gives us full control over the final result, from the colour, the type of paint used, to the precise positioning of graphics. Before, we sent our paint design off to our sales rep in Taiwan who then relayed that information to the paint department at the factory. Now, by being able to communicate directly and in person with the painter painting each frame, we can ensure design intents are perfectly transmitted and nothing gets lost in translation (and what amounts to a long, drawn out game of telephone). We also benefit from over 20 years of experience painting frames, plus quick turnarounds when testing new ideas. Finally, it allows us more flexibility, since we don’t need to have inventory locked up into one paint scheme.

We will be partnering with Harald at Toxik Design Labs. I was put in touch with him while taking a framebuilding course under Paul Brodie – Harald was Brodie’s bike painter before production moved overseas. In addition to custom paint jobs on carbon frames, he now paints for many custom builders and performs the occasional Colnago restoration.

For the Scout framset, we’ve chosen an acrylic urethane paint designed for the aerospace industry. It’s formulated for durability and chip, UV, and salt resistance under harsh conditions. The chip and salt resistance is particularly important since the paint will be on the inside of the fork and stays and subject to a lot of road debris.

Painting begins this week, and orders without additional buildkit items will begin shipping next Monday, May 27th. We will be importing preorder data into our new order system, and once your order is ready to ship, you will receive an email with a tracking number as well as a new order number and invoice. Your credit card will also be charged at that time.

The deadline to place buildkit orders will be midnight PST on Sunday, May 26th. If you would like to claim your additional preorder perk for free FSA BB, spacers, and installation, make sure to submit an order with those items by that time. Otherwise, your frameset will arrive with the Cane Creek headset and FSA BB uninstalled and without spacers.

It’s going to be our busiest week yet, but we can’t wait to finally ship!


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