carbon fiber bike

What's Nud?

1. Stripped of fluff.

Not shrouded in marketing jargon: we don't waste time trying to figure out new ways to say "laterally stiff, vertically compliant", or make up Cutting Edge Sounding Acronyms for industry standard manufacturing methods and features. We don't just tell you we have a good frame, we prove it.

2. Barely painted.

Unless you're being sponsored, we feel that you shouldn't be riding a rolling billboard. We shy away from loud, tacky paint schemes, but also want to give our bikes a little more character than a stealth eBay carbon frame (although nude carbon is still an option). We like to think of the paint scheme as not an Ed Hardy tshirt but a bikini - enough to accent the curves, but not cover too much.

3. Unconcealed.

We're not shy about where our frames are made and we don't look for ways to misrepresent their country of origin. We share our third-party lab test results in full so that you'll be as confident riding our bikes as we are selling them. Every frame is inspected twice (once at the factory, once by us in Vancouver) before being backed by a 5 year warranty and crash replacement.

4. Unencumbered.

We are a small business that makes safe, high performance carbon fiber frames affordable by staying small and keeping overheads low. We don't make you pay more for our bikes just so we can bribe pros to ride them or run expensive ad campaigns - with our margins, we can't afford to anyway. We'd much rather support local teams, cycling related projects and advocacies.